Interior Design Interior design describes the planning and design of interiors, whereas both technical as well as aesthetic and artistic elements are included. Interior architectural designs and services are provided by both architects and interior designers. Both professional designations are protected by law. In the interior design ideas and wishes of the customer are visualized and made feasible by the interior designers. Interior design thus includes the formative, technical, economic, ecological and social planning of interiors, as well as the associated structural changes of spaces and buildings.
Design Design is closely related to the terms draft, design or shape. The term commonly used in English originates from the Latin “designare”, which means something like ” to call” and/or means, and was adopted in many languages. Numerous aspects are highlighted which we design on the purely external shape or color of an object, such as a room or a piece of furniture, transcends. The designer deals with the creation of an object with the particular function, and the interaction with the owner, the operability, and the life cycle of an object apart. In addition, the customer aims to express himself in his world through products. The term design is also related to industrial and / or product design, the Coorporate Design (CI) or Fashion Design.
Plan Built Documentation The permit application, and approval or inputs plan is part of the planning for the creation, or construction and / or reconstruction of buildings. It serves the legal security of the owners, concerning compliance with the building codes and building regulations, as well as the basis for the detailed design. Since cities and local authorities are each responsible for spatial planning the owner is obliged with new constructions and / or modifications of existing buildings to provide an appropriate planning application to the local planning authority, which is to be backed by the appropriate permit application and has to be in accordance with legal framework. The authority shall decide by means of decision and grant or refuse planning permission. The planning application contains the relevant application form and the entry plan with floor plans including size, height and shape, as well as the views and sections in each prescribed scale, the list of features, energy performance certificate, fire protection and statics etc.
The permit application must be created exclusively by certain professions, such as architects, civil engineers, as well as in Austria by a builder (construction master) and also serves to protect the neighbors and society.